Web Design Services

At the heart of our business is helping the local business, church, non-profit organization get online, or update their current online presence in a major way. There are so many different ways we can go about creating the online home that will help you create the engagement you are wanting for your audience. We have built websites for several church organizations, local plumbing businesses, e-commerce stores for handmade products, and the list goes on and on. 

Responsive Web Design

Why do we prioritize every website to include responsive web design? Simply because over 60% of all website visits are now done on a mobile device, or a tablet. Desktop websites are still absolutely viable and we will build you a great desktop site, however we will also put a lot of importance on the tablet/mobile device portion of your site. You won’t have 3 separate websites to accommodate all of these devices, however we will optimize your new site to give the user an excellent experience no matter which route they choose to go to your site.


WordPress Websites

We build the majority of our websites on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). The reason we do this is simple: WordPress has created a POWERFUL platform to accommodate every type of website you would like to build. Every website we build is custom built for your business/organization using the WordPress CMS. We like the CMS that WordPress offers, as the majority of our clients elect to update and manage their own website once everything is set-up, as the user interface is very simple to do even if you don’t know anything about coding! I have had several clients mention they never knew WordPress existed beyond doing a blog website, which WordPress is excellent for that. But check out all of the sites we can build with WordPress!


We can build websites for anyone! Whether you are a plumbing business, electrician, art studio, church, ministry, blogger, etc.


Wanting to sell your products on your own website? We can help you! It would be an all in one suite, where we would implement payment processing, shipping, and more!


Looking to start your own blog? WordPress is the best blog platform in the world. We can help you design the best possible blog for your niche.


Needing a membership type site? We can take care of all of the monthly billing, ensuring that only the paying customers can get to the paid portion of your website.


Have a photography business and need a beautiful website to display your amazing photos? Look no further than JWB Designs. We can help capture your future clients with an amazing website.

And many other types!

Not seeing the type of website you need in this list? Have no fear, contact us with what you are looking for and we can be sure to help you!

Website Performance

We have all been on a website before, where we were trying to get some information, purchase a product, or you name it, and the site was taking FOREVER to load! Not with our designs. We optimize every page of your website for speed, and function. We use several tricks up our sleeve to ensure that your site is running fast and secure! Whether it’s optimizing your images, your videos, lazy loading certain pages of your website. We will make sure to run your site through a grading scale to ensure you are receiving a fast, responsive, and SEO friendly website! 

Prices Starting at...

Beginning Package

Up to 6 Page Website
$ 500 Beginning At...
  • Custom Built SEO Friendly Website (Up to 6 Unique Pages)
  • Includes premium set of add-ons
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Google Analytics Tracking

Intermediate Package

Up to 10 Page Website
$ 700 Beginning At...
  • Custom Built SEO Friendly Website (Up to 10 Unique Pages)
  • Includes premium set of add-ons
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Google Analytics Tracking

E-Commerce Package

Up to 10 Page Website
$ 1000 Beginning At...
  • Full E-Commerce Store (Payment Processing, shipping, customer interface, and more)
  • Custom Built SEO Friendly Website (10 Pages)
  • Includes premium set of add-ons
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Google Analytics Tracking

Additional Website Service Add-Ons

  • Podcast Set-Up – $100 (Will design and set-up your church website with a minimum of 5 podcasting platforms. Will also back-date up to 20 of your previous online recordings) 
  • Online Giving Integration – $50 (Will help you set-up your online giving through a 3rd party company)
  • Google My Business Set-Up/Edit – $100
  • Social Media Page Design – $100 (Any platform)
  • Logo Design – (Quote Needed)
  • Want just a small refresh of your current site? We can do that also – Just drop us a message and we will reach out to you to discuss that!
  • If you aren’t seeing something on this list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Chances are high if it involves web design, graphic design, or printing we are able to assist you!

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